Pray Hardest When It’s Hardest To Pray


Don’t worry, God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them.

24 thoughts on “Pray Hardest When It’s Hardest To Pray

      1. Keep me in your prayers. The trials I’m facing have been tough. God is faithful though, I know He’ll strengthen me through all this. I’m going to the Harvest Festival tonight in Anaheim – I’m very excited to spend the evening fellowshipping with some Christian brothers and sisters. This will be my first year going – SO EXCITED! Be blessed, Daryl and thank you for your prayers.

  1. Hi!

    This always comes up. “How do I articulate a prayer after someone has prayed with perfect words, Scripture reference, and good Christian-speak!”

    I encourage the Lord knows our hearts and the Spirit will articulate what is in our heart.

    Thank you for posting. We should never be hindered from praying for fear we won’t say the right thing. God knows and hears the right words from our heart.

    God bless you


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